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For love of fishing, alone or in association with "Big game fishing Montenegro" have the right team and a unique offer fishing on the coast of Montenegro!
Our customers for 10 years, we offer fishing with the latest equipment and technology. Our ships are fully equipped for the safe and successful fishing.
With all its features, supply and equipment we are one of the most not only in Montenegro, but also beyond.



In addition to seeing the Montenegrin coast, why not get to know and underwater?
If you are accustomed to diving, or diving skills are mastered in one of the diving schools, suggesting an organized dive tour of the Montenegrin seabed.
See sunken ships, underwater richness of life, the magic colors of marine life.
So dive into the underwater world, immerse yourself in its secrets and discover a different world ...

For the youngest we have the "FUN DIVING" or rowing in a kayak.



Everyone wants to be an important event in the life of special mark and celebrate. Is it a birthday, engagement, graduation, stan ...
Want to give yourself and those closest to you, who are looking forward to your success, who participated in it giving you their selfless support, Prepare a nice, unforgettable experience.
Our ship "Sveti Stefan" is there for you.
Opt for a cruise on our boat, the exquisite meals and drinks, along with music that we engage to your želji.U time that you and your company the most appropriate day or night ...
The idea, is not it. I experience that a long, long memory.
Great time for a great cause.


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